7 days Khopra Danda Trek Package- From Pokhara

Amidst newly discovered trekking destinations in the Annapurna region, Khopra Danda Trek, also known as Khopra Ridge Trek, is every trekker’s destination. The off-the-beaten trekking route, enriched biodiversity, fascinating glimpses of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and other mountains, and multiple vantage hilltops en route make it a new favorite among trekkers.

Beautiful Annapurna Mountains during sunset, captured during Khopra Danda Trek
Magical sunset on Annapurna mountains beautifully captured from Khopra Danda (Photo by: simaest | IG)

The unparalleled beauty of Khopra Danda Trek lies within the awe-striking vista of Annapurna Sanctuary. More than eight mountains of the Annapurna Range are visible from the Khopra Danda viewpoint. And while hiking, you’ll traverse through the lush forests and vegetation of the sanctuary.  

If you want extra adventure, you can also plan a trek to a pristine Khayer Lake Trek from Khorpa Ridge.

Hence, combined, NepTrek offers Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek for trekkers with a well-organized itinerary and the best trek guide at the most affordable rate.

Let’s briefly overview why Khopra Danda Trek in 2023 would be the best for you.

Panoramic mountains and landscapes

Almost every trekking in Annapurna Region offers the prospect of scenic landscapes. But when it comes to the most attractive and appealing option, no trekking comes close to Khopra Danda Trek.

The complete Annapurna mountain range, from the world’s 10th highest mountain, Annapurna I, at 8,091 meters, to the most beautiful, Machhapuchhre, at 6,993 meters. Other Annapurna range includes Annapurna II, III, South at 7,219 meters, Nilgiri at 6,600 meters, Hiumchuli at 6,441 meters, Dhaulagiri at 8,167 meters, Dhampus Peak, Tukuche Peak at 6,800 meters.

Throughout this trek, you’ll see these mountains scintillating, and as you hike each day, they appear closer.

Not only the mountains, the Khopra Ridge Trek also takes you through one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Annapurna region. You’ll hike through different climatic zones and reach the Khopra Danda viewpoint, which sits just above the semi-alpine area. During the snowfall of winter, the entire landscape looks breathtaking.

Autumn colors and Rhododendron blossom of Spring

The multicolored shedding leaves of the lush forests of Annapurna Sanctuary or the bright rhododendron blossom over the entire forest in Spring, planning the Khopra Danda Trek in either of these months won’t disappoint you. You’ll love the Autumn and Spring colors as equally as the elegant snow-filled Annapurna range mountains.

October and November are the two ideal months in Autumn when the plants in the forest shed their leaves. The whole trekking trail gets covered with vibrant colors. From Ghandruk to the semi-alpine treeline of Khopra, the autumn colors keep your hike entertaining.

Rhododendron blossoms on Khopra Ridge Trek can be a show stealer even when the mountains of Annapurna region scintillates. The Poon Hill, Tadapani, and Bayeli Kharka areas become magical with colorful rhododendrons. You can have a fantastic photography opportunity while passing through these forests.

Furthermore, the terrace farming of the lowlands of Chimrong, Nayapul, and Ulleri during October also excites your Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek.

Excellent Vantage Points of Annapurna Conservation Area

The seven-day Khopra Ridge Trek or Khopra Danda Trek is often seen as an alternative to the crowded Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The most impressive aspect of hiking on the off-the-beaten trail of Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek is that Annapurna region’s most famous vantage points lie in this trek route. How impressive is it?

The first day of the hike takes you to Ghandruk, a culturally enriched Gurung village that offers magical glimpses of the Annapurna range during sunrise and sunset. Ghandruk also offers inspiring glimpses of landscapes around, and they’re beautiful.

Poon Hill is the most famous viewpoint, for which trekkers even plan a single Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. And in Khopra Danda Trek, you’ll hike to Poon Hill en route to Pokhara. Known for the sunrise view from Poon Hill, you’ll walk here in the early morning from Ghorepani. When viewed from this 3,210-meter-high viewpoint, the magical landscapes and mountain panorama leave you in awe.

Other popular vantage points throughout this trek include Tadapani, Bayeli Kharka, Dobato, Mulde Peak/Mulde Viewpoint, Khayer Lake, and Khopra Ridge. All these viewpoints with a panoramic view make your seven days on Khopra Danda Trek a wholesome experience.

Hike from Khopra Danda to Muldai Viewpoint and Khayer Lake

Muldai Viewpoint Trek is also a popular trek these days among trekkers. But many individual trekkers need to learn to hike to Muldai Viewpoint while trekking to Khopra Danda.

Muldai Viewpoints sits en route from Dobato to Khopra Ridge hike on the 3rd day of Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek. Even the quote at Muldai Viewpoint states, “For the panoramic View.” And it’s a yes. Muldai Viewpoint is on the level of the Mardi Himal Trek, where you can embrace the surreal mountains of the Annapurna region.

Khayer Lake, at 4,660 meters, sits on the lap of Annapurna South. The Khayer Lake Trekking Route ascends with the magical Annapurna region on the backdrop. It would be an 8-9 hours long hike from Khopra Ridge to Khayer Lake, but the walk is worth it. The trekking route to Khayer Lake seems moderate grade at a few points, and the rest of the trail is easy to hike.

The lake isn’t big, but it’s turquoise water reflecting Annapurna South is striking. Also, this lake carries religious significance among Hindu and Buddhism pilgrims.

Another reason for doing Khayer Lake Trek from Khopra is the majestic mountain viewing. Annapurna I, II, III, South, Nilgiri, Dhampus, Dhaulagiri, Tukuche, and others look more appealing than those from Khopra Danda.

Khopra Danda Trek: Absolute for novice trekker

Sitting just at 3,660 meters and offering the majestic panorama of mountains and landscapes, Khopra Danda Trek, often termed Khopra Ridge Trek, is ideal trekking for the first-time trekker.

Khopra Danda Trek is a recently opened trekking destination. Hence, novice trekkers can explore the region and trails with less crowd and utmost serenity.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is also an ideal trek for first-time trekkers. Still, Khopra Danda Trek is even more, best for those who want to experience the Annapurna region without taking a strenuous hike over 4,000 meters.

After reaching Khopra Ridge, you’ll hike to Khayer Lake at 4,660 meters to push your endurance further. Our high-experience guide will be with you throughout this trek. Hence, you’ll be in safe hands that guarantee your safety even if you get altitude sickness. 

After Khopra Trek, you can plan bigger trekking like Everest Base Camp Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek. Khopra can be an ideal opportunity to learn how it feels to hike multiple days close to mountains. Also, you’ll learn how to settle well in tea houses throughout the trek.

7 days Khopra Danda Trek Itinerary- Detailed Breakdown

Dobato from Ghandruk is an 8-hour hike. So, you'll start the trek early.

The trekking trail becomes serene as you'll hike through pine, oak, and primula forests. First, you'll walk to Deurali via Bhaiseni Kharka. Bhaiseni Kharka or Deurali will be your stopping place.

The trekking route from Deurali separates to two locations, Tadapani and Deurali. You'll take the second route, a hike to Deurali, for overnight accommodation. En route to Deurali, you'll enjoy splendid glimpses of landscapes and mountains.

Overnight at a tea house in Dobato.

On the third day morning in Khopra Danda Trekking, you'll wake up early and hike to Muldai Viewpoint. Muldai Viewpoint is a fantastic viewpoint that sits at an altitude of 3,640 meters. It's the ideal spot to witness clouds and mountains like Annapurna and Machhapuchhre on the glittering sunrise. Muldai Viewpoint offers surreal glimpses of mountains and clouds during sunrise, which is far better than what you'd experience from Poon Hill.

After returning from Muldai Viewpoint, you'll have breakfast at the tea house and prepare the Khopra Ridge Trek.

Khopra Danda is a seven hour hike from Dobaro that traverses through pasturelands and timberlands in Annapurna sanctuary. The Himalayan Goat and Pheasant are the most common wildlife on a walk to Khopra Danda.

The best part of today's hike is that you'll get lovely views of Annapurna South, I, Dhaulagiri, Tukuche, and Dhampus Peak. Khopra, being at 3,660 meters, is an ideal viewpoint for mesmerizing sightseeing.

Overnight at a tea house in Khopra Danda.

You'll hike to Khayer Lake at 4,665 meters in the early morning from Khopra Danda. It would be a 10-11 hours hike day as you walk to Khayer Lake and return to Khopra Danda.

The trekking route to Khayer Lake is accessible in most parts except for some steep ascends on the trail. But for the most part, the trekking route remains sloped.

You'll hike on the base of Annapurna South and other mountains. Hence, you won't feel any fatigue on your legs from this 10-hour all-day-long hike.

Khayer Lake is small, but its turquoise blue water and panoramic backdrop of Annapurna make it a dreamy place. You'll have an ideal spot for a photography opportunity.

As there are no tea houses en route to Khayer Lake, our trekking porter will carry packed lunches for the day. You'll return to the tea house at Khopra for overnight accommodation.

You'll wake up in the early morning in Khopra Danda and hike to the viewpoint for the sunrise. The atmosphere at Khopra Ridge remains cheerful, with a few more trekkers and the mesmerizing mountains and clouds. You'll have a perfect photo opportunity at Khopra until the sun remains glittering yellow.

After returning, you'll have breakfast and prepare for a hike to Swanta. You'll hike through the rhododendron forest accompanied by lush oak and pine. You'll stop at a tea house en route for lunch or even at Swanta, as the trek duration for the day is just 4 hours.

People here practice dairy farming and produce Cheese. Exploring this beautiful village and tasting some locally grown cheese can excite your day experience.

Overnight at a tea house in Swanta.

Swanta to Ghorepani is a nearly 8 km long distance with a five-hour day hike with a scenic prospect on the backdrop throughout.

The first part of this hike is a descent to a small river and then follows a gradual climb to Chittre Village. Here from Chittre, you'll join the trail that trekkers on Annapurna Circuit Trek to reach Ghorepani. 

Overnight at a tea house in Ghorepani.

Poon Hill at 3,210 meters, is the best hilltop in the Annapurna region for the best sunrise views over mountains. You'll hike to Poon Hill in the early morning. The terrace farmings, local settlements, and bird chirps in the early morning soothes your heart. 

The cloudscape and mountains from Poon Hill are worth your morning wake. The mesmerizing sunrise from this vantage point is like a cherry on your cake for Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek.

After sightseeing from Poon Hill, you'll return to Ghorepani, have breakfast, and prepare for the descent to Birethanti, where you'll get a jeep ride to Pokhara.

Overnight at a tea house in Pokhara.

Khopra Danda Trek- Additional Trek Info

Accommodations during Khopra Danda Trek

Tea houses and community-owned lodges are the most prevalent accommodation in Khopra Ridge Trek.

The accommodation service at the tea houses and lodges is decent. You’ll get a twin sharing room with or without attached bathrooms. And as most tea houses are community-owned, you can expect some cultural activities during your trek here.

Till Ghandruk and Ghorepani, you can expect a twin sharing decent rooms with attached bathrooms, electricity, and internet. And for three days, at Dobato, Khopra, and Swanta, you’ll get standard twin-sharing rooms with decent accommodation services.

If you want to take a guide and trek here, you can stay in a single or private room with an attached bathroom, internet, electricity, and a hot water shower.

You’ll stay in Pokhara’s best available lodge or boutique hotels with splendid views of Machhapuchhre.

Meals during the trek

Meals in Khopra Ridge Trek are almost identical to what trekkers get in Annapurna Base Camp Trek. You’ll earn seven breakfasts, seven lunches, and six dinners in this trek.

The meal menu for breakfast includes oatmeal, toast with jam and butter, bread with honey and cheese, Tibetan Bread, Muesli, Porridge, boiled eggs and omelets, and other items. The hot drinking items during breakfast include hot lemon, hot chocolate, milk tea, black tea, and coffee.

The lunch and dinner menus are almost identical, but you can still choose the meal you want. The most common Nepali staple meal, Dal Bhat, is the best for the ultimate meal. The lentil soup, cooked vegetables, boiled rice, and pickles make Dal Bhat a complete meal.

You can select the items like MoMo, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fries, Pizza, Macaroni with cheese and garlic, Steaks, Tenduk, Thukpa, Noodle soups, and Spaghetti. You can also ask for desserts like fruits and porridge before bed.

Drinking water during the trek

You’ll get safe drinking water throughout Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek. You can refill your water bottles via running water taps en route or fill one or two bottles before leaving the tea house in the morning.

Usually, it’s best if you drink hot boiled water. Tea houses offer a liter of hot water for USD 1-2. And if you want to avoid drinking boiled water, it’d be better to carry water-purifying tablets and electrolytes.

As NepTrek commits to Carbon Zero Trekking, we request you carry refillable bottles instead of plastic drinking water bottles.

Ethnicity and Diversity of Annapurna Sanctuary

Gurung people are the ethnic community of the Annapurna region. Ghandruk and Ghore Pani are among the largest Gurung villages in Nepal. Hence, in Khopra Ridge Khayer Lake Trek, you’ll get close glimpses of these people’s lifestyles, traditions, cultures, and attire.

Noticeably, the houses in this region are stone built from the base to the roof. Even the alleys and trekking routes here are stone-paved, thanks to their concern for trekkers’ comfort and safety.

Wearing ethnic attire can be a photographic opportunity for you at Ghorepani. Every trekker who hikes to this place wears the traditional Gurung dress once and poses for a photograph.

The people here practice Hinduism and Buddhism and celebrate the significant festivals of each religion. You can witness Buddha Purnima, Lhosar, Dashai, and Tihar during October, November, and March.

And some days, tea house owners often play a local musical instrument, Tungna, and sing some of their cultural songs and popular Nepali folk tunes.

Khopra Danda Trek Permits

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) Card are two essential permits for Khopra Danda Trekking. If you book this trek with us, our representative will purchase these permits for you before starting the trek. But, to get these permits, you must submit your passport-sized photo and a copy of your valid passport. Your Khopra Danda Trek package purchase with us includes the cost of these permits.

Since Khopra Ridge and Khayer Lake Trek Route sit in the heart of Annapurna Sanctuary, trekkers have to buy these two permits. With these permits, with a one-year validity, you can hike to Annapurna Base Camp even after completing Khopra Trek. Please inform us if you want to trek to Annapurna Base Camp with valid permits after a successful Khopra Trek.

Read our Annapurna Conservation Area Permits Blog for detailed information on permit types, cost, validity, availability, and more.

International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance for Khopra Danda Trek is a must, and we encourage our clients joining this trek to carry proof of travel insurance throughout.

Your international travel insurance covers the cost of your medical bills and helicopter evacuation if you need it. While hiking to Khopra Danda, you won’t get altitude sickness. 

But, hiking to Khayer Lake at 4,660 meters can cause altitude sickness. And you may require a helicopter evacuation to a lower altitude. 

Let’s not think it happens, but travel insurance can be a lifesaver if an unforeseen situation occurs.

We don’t purchase insurance for trekkers joining our fixed departure Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek. But if you request us to find one, we’ll recommend some reputable insurance companies in Kathmandu.

We only purchase insurance for our field staff, trek guides, and porters.

Trekkers safety during the trek

NepTrek commits 100% safety and security to the trekkers on every trek we operate. The beautiful trek experience also comes with being safe and sound and completing the tour successfully.

Our trek guides with years of expertise will guide you throughout Khopra Ridge Khayer Lake Trek. Also, our porters assist you in carrying your backpacks so that you can have a comfortable hike.

You’ll also get medical treatment and spot-on attention during emergencies on the trek.

Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek Altitude

The first-day stop at Ghandruk takes you to an altitude of 1,940 meters/ 6,364ft. The second-day hike takes you to Dobato, which sits at 3,450m/ 11,318ft.

Likewise, Khopra Ridge sits at 3,660 meters, Khayer Lake sits at 4,665 meters, Swanta at 2,214 meters, Ghorepani at 2,880 meters, Poon Hill at 3,210 meters, Muldai Viewpoint at 3,640 meters, Birethati at 1,039 meters.

All the places mentioned above with altitudes are overnight accommodation places and vantage points.

Altitude sickness and prevention

Khopra Ridge Trek is a relatively easy trek, and the ridge’s altitude is just 3,660 meters. This attitude is very safe to hike for most trekkers, and the risk of altitude sickness is significantly low.

However, hiking to Khayer Lake from Khopra Danda is also an option. Khayer Lake sits at 4,665 meters, and it takes 10 hours to hike up to the lake and return to Khopra. And this hike can cause altitude sickness for some trekkers.

As there’s no acclimatization stop in this trek, not getting altitude sickness is very unlikely. But, with some preparations and diet, you can dodge the sickness issues.

First, taking Diamox keeps you from getting altitude sickness, which most trekkers do. Second, report the altitude sickness symptoms to your trek guide and descend to lower altitudes immediately.

Furthermore, frequent rehydration, adequate meals, 8 hours of sleep, and proper training prevent you from altitude sickness.

And in emergencies, you may need a helicopter evacuation. But such severity never happens.

Khopra Danda Trek difficulty

Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek is one of the most accessible treks in Nepal. It’s a newly discovered trekking route with decent trek trails, great community-owned tea houses, and mesmerizing landscapes and mountains.

Khopra Ridge is just at 3,660 meters, and hiking here will be manageable for many trekkers. Also, it’s an implausible place for getting altitude sickness.

However, it would help if you had some physical preparations for this trek which is explained in the following topic below.

Physical fitness & trek preparations

Even though Khopra Danda Trekking is comfortable, you must have decent physical fitness for this seven day hike. The altitude may seem low, but you may feel the pain much earlier without preparations.

Many of our clients prepare for Khopra Trek for a few months before the trek. Their training routine includes fitness training like Cardio, Treadmill running, mini-marathons, and one-day short hikes. You can prepare by practicing these exercises a few months before your trek departure date.

Baggage weight limit for trek porter

We recommend you refrain from putting unnecessary gear and stuff in your backpack. Since this trek lasts seven days, you don’t need to carry unuseful loads and personal property.

When you purchase this trek from us, we offer one trek porter for two clients. When shared with two trekkers, one porter carries 25-30 kg weight at most. And if the weight exceeds 30 kg, you need to hire a porter, and you have to pay USD 15 a day to the porter for seven days.

As this trek starts from Pokhara, you don’t need to take any flights. But, if you’re in Kathmandu and want to fly to Pokhara before the hike, you can carry a 15 kg backpack only, 5 kg on hand carry, and 10 kg on the baggage. You must pay for additional weight as per the airline’s fare guidelines.

Trekking guide and porters safety

Our trek guides and porters are our valuable assets, and we commit to their 100% safety and wellbeing throughout the trek.

We provide decent accommodation, meals, health safety, and a decent salary. Also, we purchase travel insurance for our trek guides and porters.

Khopra Danda Weather and Temperature (4 seasons)

Like other trekking destinations, Khopra Danda Trek is ideal from March to May in Spring and September to November in Autumn. Also, many trekkers hike Khopra during winter.

Khopra Trek is primarily known for rhododendron blossom, Annapurna range mountains, Ghadruk village, Poon Hill vantage, and a trip to Khayer Lake. And all these appear appealing on a clear weather day of Autumn and Spring accompanied by warm temperatures.

Weather and Temperature in Spring

Spring months in Khopra are the warmer months. The average daytime temperature at lower altitudes in Spring is around 20 degrees. And as you hike up to Khopra, the daytime temperature lowers to 5 degrees Celsius. The nighttime temperature remains around freezing.

Weather and Temperature in Autumn

Autumn months in Khopra are colder than Spring and Summer months. The daytime temperature averages 17 degrees Celsius in lower regions and 3-4 degrees Celsius in the upper areas. As the sun shines brighter, you won’t feel cold during the daytime. And with a decent sleeping bag, you’ll sleep cozy at a tea house in Khopra.

Weather and Temperature in Winter

Winter months, from December to February, are the year’s cold months. The snowfall in January further decreases the temperature but makes the landscape unique. The daytime temperature remains below freezing, and the nighttime temperature falls around -10 degrees. If you can withstand the cold can walk on the snow-filled trail, Khopra Danda Trek in January or February gives you awe-striking glimpses of the Annapurna range.

Weather and Temperature in Summer

Summer, from June to August, is the rainy month in Nepal and the hottest month. It’s not recommended time for Khopra Danda Khayer Lake Trek during the monsoon season. The heavy downpour frequently causes landslides and avalanches on the trek route. Also, the trail’s leeches and other bugs make it challenging to hike. On top, the overcast can ruin your sightseeing experience at Khopra.

The temperature, however, becomes warmer with a daytime average temperature of 25 degrees and a nighttime temperature of around 3-4 degrees Celsius.

Tipping for Trek guides and porters

At the end of a successful Khopra Ridge Trek, you must tip your trek guides and porters. There’s no mandatory tip amount for guides and porters but tipping 10% of the total trek cost is in everyday practice. 

And above 10%, you can tip any amount you want to.

Your tips not only support them economically but also encourage them to keep on delivering the best services.

You can tip the guides and porters in Pokhara after you return from the trek. Please offer a farewell dinner for them as well as a sign of gratitude.

7 days Khopra Danda Trek- FAQs

Khopra Ridge Trek costs USD 750 for an individual, but when you book this trek in a group with NepTrek, you’ll get a discount.

The cost includes meals, accommodation, transportation, permit fees, guides, and the porter's salary.

Khopra Ridge sits beautifully at 3,660 meters in Annapurna Sanctuary.

Yes, Khopra Ridge Khayer Lake Trek tea houses offer additional electricity, telephone, and internet services. You can expect these services at tea houses throughout this trek. But, sometimes, these services won’t be available for various reasons.

To benefit from these services, you need to pay an additional cost for each. Recharging your mobile phones and power banks costs USD 1-2. Likewise, wifi and telephone costs are similar.

No. There are no ATMs en route to Khopra. You must use an ATM at Pokhara and withdraw the Nepali currency for the trek. However, you can tip trek guides and porters in USD.

Have plans for the Khopra Danda Trek in 2024?

Spring 2024 can be an ideal time for you to consider Khopra Danda Trek for various reasons. Most importantly, the vivid rhododendron blossoms over the landscape, the snow-cladded Annapurna mountains range, stable weather, and warm March, April, and May temperatures can elevate your trek experience. Moreover, our handpicked itineraries are to ensure the utmost comfort, adequate trek hours each day, and more.

You can join our fixed departure group for Spring 2024. Our selected departure groups come with fixed pax, similar age groups, and share a common interest: adventure. If you’re in a group of your own, we also have an exciting discount offer. Don’t miss out!

For enquiries, you can write us email at mailtoneptrek@gmail.com. You can also Call/WhatsApp us at +977-9818553880 (24/7 support).

We look forward to the Khopra Danda Trek in 2024 with you.


We aspire to elevate your travel experience in Nepal with wholesome treks and tours. Operated by independent licensed trekking and tour guides.

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